Website Design

Below are a few examples of websites that we have designed and implemented for our clients. Sites typically range from $800 to $2000 depending on your requirements.

This client started with a terrific puzzle graphic from their advertising consultant. We took the logo and ran with it, creating a website with terrific appeal that matched their other advertising efforts.

A local yoga studio had a website that they purchased many years ago. The colors were terrible and the site contained outdated information. We created a new site from the ground up using colors found inside their newly remodeled studio and helped them setup a dynamic online schedule of classes.

Bailey’s Automotive Machine Shop was an established business that just never bothered to get a website to showcase their work. They didn’t know what they wanted, just that they wanted it! We designed a site that reflects their work and the personality of the business they’re in.

This client wanted a visually exciting site to replace a site that had been created many years back. We included their logo and existing color schemes that had already been used in print and television advertising to enhance their existing advertising.

A local photographer wanted a simple yet elegant site that would showcase his photographic work. This uncluttered design helps viewers focus on his pictures which are front and center on every page.

A private detective agency wanted to “just update the colors” on their existing website. But after showing them what a whole new design could look like they quickly fell in love with this redesign.

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